My Story #5 Balance better OFF stimulation

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My Story: I had a bilateral DBS in 2014. My 1st programming June of that year, tremors = no more. yeah!! Starting early this year I was falling A LOT, at least 60 times from January to June. Multiple admissions multiple ER visits. About end April the following year I asked my family doctor about 2nd opinion. I also was having  lot of headaches, CT showed nothing, EEG nothing. So I went somewhere else and they listened to how things happened. He didn’t tell me what he was doing and eventually turned my stimulator off. Dopamine was still there but I could walk. Closed my eyes and walked down hallway. No falling. I was amazed. Story to be continued, having an MRI tomorrow!!

Programmer Commentary:

Brain MRI can be a helpful tool when assessing worsening symptoms after DBS.