How long does the DBS neurostimulator (battery) last?

See Battery Life and Longevity noted above

There are currently 3 Medtronic neurostimulator models available for patients implanted with a deep brain stimulation system. The neurostimulators have very similar features and differ in longevity and size. Longevity is an estimate only and depends on intensity of the stimulation settings. The SC model has a single channel –  meaning only one wire can be inserted into the device. The RC and PC are dual channel – meaning both wires from each side of the brain can be inserted into the device. There are a few pros and cons to each device depending on personal cosmetic preferences or lifestyle.  The neurostimulator may also be called a DBS battery, implanted pulse generator (IPG) or implanted neurostimulator system (INS). DBS battery life and longevity is noted on the bottom of the graphic.

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